The Team

Clementine Bridal Boutique is brought to you by Margaret, Tina, Liz and Delphine, our amazing seamstress.

Our team has over 20 years’ experience – Margaret, Liz and Delphine worked at the highly regarded Secret Dress House Bridal Boutique and, prior to that, Amante – both formerly in Reigate.

An occasional member of our team is Emily. She helped out at The Secret Dress House at weekends but is now away at uni studying photography. Emily will be joining us during her holidays as well as updating our Instagram stories.

We have had so much pleasure (and fun) working together over the years that we decided to launch Clementine Bridal Boutique. Along with our inspirational designers, we are now able to bring our expertise and passion to the beautiful market town of Westerham.